Pros and Cons of Broadband Internet Phone

Most people don’t know that they already have everything they need to start saving money using internet telephony, or VoIP. All you have to have is a regular telephone and high-speed internet access. That’s it! If you have both of those, you are ready to start saving loads of money on local and long distance […]

Essential Benefits Of A Fixed Wireless NBN Plan

NBN or the National Broadband Network is altering the way Australians access the internet. There are three types of connections that every Australian household can get. For those in urban areas, the NBN Fibre or fixed line connection is most appropriate. As the name suggests, it utilises fibre optics to move high-speed Internet signals to […]

Satellite Internet Vs Cable Internet

Cable TV versus satellite television is an old rivalry that can be seen discussed on TV at all hours of the day. The comparison seems to end however when it comes to satellite internet and cable internet access. This seems strange as cable and satellite companies are pushing packaged services over anything else. So, which […]

How Do I Connect To The Internet?

If you own a computer – and in today’s world who doesn’t – sooner or later, you will want to have access to the Internet. The Internet for some is the Holy Grail of the modern age, and not having access to it is seen in some quarters as sacrilege. But how do you connect […]